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AIE's 3rd Annual Donation Drive

If we want our youth to reach their full potential, we need to make an environment conducive to them.

Our primary goal at Anything Is Everything (AIE) is to break the bonds of poverty by providing basic educational, human needs and a pathway to self-reliance for the youth of Liberia.

We're excited to launch our annual donation drive where people from wing our community and around the world can get involved in helping us achieve this mission for the kids in Liberia.

First, have a look at some of the work that we're doing in Liberia to get a sense of why this cause is important and impactful.

Here’s how you can get involved:


We are accepting donations from November 10th, 2019 through Feb 25th, 2020.


We will be collecting items in the New England and Tri-state area. We are looking for items such as school supplies, medical supplies, sporting equipment, art supplies, and gifts such as clothing, board games, etc.


Email us and we will coordinate donation pick up or where to drop off.

Can I make a monetary donation instead?

Yes! If you do not live in the New England area or would prefer to make a monetary donation, you can make a donation by visiting our website DONATION PAGE.

How will funds be used?

All monetary donations will go to the following initiatives: 2020 AIE Youth tournament, AIE After-school program establishment, General Operating support & Shipping Expenses.

To learn more about AIE and how we can together make a difference in the lives of Liberia’s youth, check out our Q3 newsletter and read more on our website!

Thank you for your support and please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

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